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We believe that to stay competitive, we must constantly reinvent ourselves. Rigidity leaves one with little opportunity to evolve. You atrophy, and eventually in the case of a guild, disband. Well, we didn't come here to lose.

We've had years of experience directing successful guilds throughout a variety of mmo's. You will find us generous, and loyal to our members. The more you get to know us, the more you will realize just how true that statement is, and to what extent we will go for a teammate.

The following should be considered a "living document". We are open to better ways of doing things, and invite member suggestions. Your ideas have the potential to be added to our policies permanently.


If you're wondering whether we have a guild color... well for most part, we dress in Silver (Greyscale). It looks good, and makes it harder for your pvp opponents to call a target without first seeing your screename.


Our members carry themselves well. Following, is the common sense code of honor that we like to adhere to:

Monitor your language. Keep it "Pro & Friendly" in there. This extends to the way we address female members. Ultimately your actions will speak loudly about our guild, the operation we run, and the kind of people we recruit.


Here we're referring to your internet connection. A weak one can cause lag, resulting in a wipe, or worse. We understand that sometimes circumstances are beyond control. That being said, a reliable headset is essential for group events.


It should be obvious by now that TEAM ORBIT simply isn't for everyone. Our policies are for some, too far beyond their norm to even attempt.

Others however will look through these principles, and wonder where we've been all their lives. We're hoping to find these like minded champions.


You can join our ranks here at TEAM ORBIT by sending a message ingame to any of our members, or contact me directly on the PSN at TO-ThunderBear.

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